Life isn’t about beginnings, or endings. It’s about journeys. The magic that happens between the before and the after. And right now we’re on a journey like we’ve never seen.

#JourneyMakers is a creative campaign to celebrate the people who are changing the way we get from A to B safely, efficiently, and sustainably.  

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To set the scene, watch this enchanting film about the possibilities of future mobility.


Watch a fly-through of the digital twin we have created for testing actual features in a synthetic environment before going onto the road for real. 


The blogs below will inspire you with tales of the extraordinary people who have already transformed mobility, and of those who are striving to make future options a reality sooner, by collaborating.

Present Innovators:

DG CITIES: Future trends in car ownership   

ROBIN CHASE: Zipcar success due to innovation through collaboration 

Connectivity is vital to delivering smart city solutions 

AZMAT YUSUF: The data driven journey planner behind CityMapper 

VICTOR WOUK: The father of hybrid vehicles

Continuing the London 2012 legacy

Why the London CAV testbed is in Greenwich  

Past Innovators:  

RICHARD SPIKES: Fizzy beer and brilliant brakes 

ALLEN BREED: The airbag inventor who saved countless lives

ANDREW SMITH HALLIDIE: The Englishman behind San Francisco's cable cars

EDGAR HOOLEY: The man who paved the way 

The women who built Waterloo Bridge 

Jock Kinneir and Margaret Calver, the mother and father of Britain’s modern road signs 


Listen Up!  

The SMLL team regularly interview industry leaders about what's happening around future transport topics; catch their latest podcast here. 

JourneyMakers Pod # 4 - Will driverless cars be safer than current vehicles?

JourneyMakers Pod # 3 - How will we ensure that infrastructure can accommodate driverless cars?

JourneyMakers Pod # 2 - How will driverless vehicles affect the future of freight?

JourneyMakers Pod # 1  - How do you legislate for driverless cars?

JourneyMakers Pod #0 - The future is around the corner. How will we get there? 


Read all about it!  

The Shared Research Programme (SRP) of the SMLL commissioned a report on the State of Knowledge around CAV in the UK.  The full report is not available for public consumption but you can read the extract to see how membership of the SRP advances the understanding and competitive position of its members.  



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