Government Policy and Standards

TRL has an unrivalled track record of developing appropriate policies and standards for the public sector that are relevant, cost-effective and are shown to have long term societal benefits. From our earliest days we’ve worked with a range of governments and local authorities to meet the rigorous demands of public services: we continue to provide trustworthy insights and data to support often high profile decisions.


Developing policy and standards requires a broad view that encompasses both context and specialist knowledge. Our wide experience and team of renowned experts have the credibility, capability and evidence base to advise, support, evaluate and prioritise transport criteria for critical areas including safety.

TRL has a track record of identifying transport solutions based on the scientific evidence base. We are motivated by the opportunity to help improve people’s lives.

Strategic understanding

As a research provider and adviser, TRL has the deep sector and market experience to help you quantify the size and nature of the problems that potential future policy and legislation may target and address. Our work includes recommending how to prioritise future actions and interventions, from relatively low technology or information based approaches, to full development of policies and regulations, if this is a cost effective solution.

Forecasting and modelling the future with confidence

Government bodies need to be sure that solutions or regulations developed today are future proof, so they will be relevant and applicable in five years or a decade from now. We can help you see the future transport landscape clearly, with its advanced connected and automated vehicle technologies. By applying road user demographics, we can model the needs of a growing and changing population.

Financial factors and funding

All future policies and regulations must be based on high quality cost-benefit assessments that meet appropriate public sector scrutiny. We can help you define and draft relevant, robust and proportionate standards that take into account the effect on the market place and competitiveness and will deliver the intended benefits.

A reputation for unbiased and intelligent advice

TRL’s work on such a diverse range of transport policies is possible because of our unique depth and breadth of expertise. Our multi-disciplinary teams offer you independence, rigour, proven expertise and exceptional research resources that meet the demands of often complex public sector research and consultancy projects.

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