The sectors that we work in are a reflection of the eco-system that surrounds the transport industry. We aim to support any innovation that will enable us to achieve our mission.

TRL's mission is creating clean and efficient transport that is safe, reliable and convenient for everyone

Our focus for research and influencing the development of sustainable transport is therefore:

  • Decarbonisation of transport: the reduction of greenhouse gases and the carbon footprint resulting from transport
  • Environment and Sustainability: transport solutions that protect the natural environment
  • Automation in transport: what automation will enable, and how it will be applied to transform the transport domain
  • Digitisation of transport: data and connectivity enabling new capabilities
  • Digital roads: developing efficiencies for lifecycle asset management, including road design, construction, condition monitoring and maintenance
  • Transport safety: safe systems incorporating safe roads, safe speeds, safe vehicles, safe drivers
  • New mobility: new ways of moving people & goods, including active travel, and new business models and on-demand services to promote inclusivity and ease of use
  • Transport for sustainable development: the role of transport in driving sustainable development, with a focus on low to middle income economies

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