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Assessment of the properties of tyres on the measurement of road pavement skid resistance

06 August 2020

Author: P D Sanders and T Andriejauskas
Pages: 35
Reference: PPR956

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Review and update of the asPECT carbon footprinting tool

13 July 2020

Author: S Reeves, A Hewitt, A Pepler
Pages: 55
Reference: PPR 960

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Connected and Autonomous Plant - a Roadmap to 2035

15 June 2020

Author: A Wright, C Browne
Pages: 64
Reference: PPR 955

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Interacting with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay when driving

12 March 2020

Author: R Ramnath, N Kinnear, S Chowdhury, T Hyatt
Pages: 55
Reference: PPR948

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2014 to 2016 Fatal Collisions

10 March 2020

Author: Adam Barrow, Nicola Hylands and Siobhan O'Connell
Pages: 82
Reference: PPR913

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Accessible Public Realm: Updating Guidance and Further Research

09 March 2020

Author: Jones M, Sharp R, Posner R, Fernandez-Medina K, Barham P, Dales, J, Priestley A, and Delmonte E
Pages: 61
Reference: CPR2714

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Enhanced Truck Front End Designs (TFED)

04 March 2020

Author: P Martin, I Knight, R Hunt, S O’Connell, R Cuerden, M McCarthy
Pages: 151
Reference: CPR2430

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2019 Skid resistance benchmark surveys

02 March 2020

Author: S Brittain
Pages: 40
Reference: PPR950

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Evaluating friction after polishing as an in-service skid resistance prediction tool for TS2010 materials

27 February 2020

Author: P D Sanders, L Martin, J Gravanis
Pages: 48
Reference: PPR924

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