Evaluation of on-road charging solutions for electric vehicles

Published on 18 April 2019

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Feasibility analysis and development of on-road charging solutions for future electric vehicles (FABRIC)

TRL joined this European study that investigated and developed prototype wireless charging solutions for electric vehicles. The FABRIC team evaluated the performance of each option in real driving conditions, and assessed the impact on the transport infrastructure, the electricity network and the environment.

The findings will support the work of researchers, stakeholders, planners and policy makers in exploiting the potential of wireless dynamic charging technologies for electric vehicles. The FABRIC project offers a means to reduce the size and weight of batteries, methods to make charging more convenient for users, recommendations for large scale deployment, and ways to make future EVs an even more attractive choice in relation to conventional vehicles.

All the outcomes from this project can be found on the project website.  and a summary of its achievements can be seen on this video.


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