PAS 1881 and CAM TestbedUK Safety Case Framework launch

BSI publishes PAS 1881 - Assuring safety of automated vehicle trials and testing. The specification sets out minimum requirements for managing safety during development testing and when trialing automated vehicles. Zenzic publishes a Safety Case Framework to ease access to and transition between UK testbeds such as the Smart Mobility Living Lab. TRL is the lead author on both publications.

Published on 03 March 2020

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This week sees the publication of two key documents, of core interest to any organisation involved in the testing of automated vehicle technologies or services in the UK. This means not just the solution or service provider, but also the many stakeholders involved in making trials happen, which includes local authorities, highway authorities, road operators, landowners, leaseholders, insurers, test beds and licensing agencies.

The first publication is PAS 1881, released by BSI as part of their CAV PAS programme. This specification is about Assuring the Safety of Automated Vehicle Trials and Testing. Its goal is to support trial organisations who need to demonstrate, for approvals, compliance and assurance purposes, that their planned activities can be undertaken safely. TRL’s Head of Risk, Camilla Fowler, is the author of PAS 1881. She was selected to author the specification because of her work on creating the first such safety case for a public trial of a driverless vehicle on the GATEWay project in 2015. She has since then developed and worked on numerous safety cases for automated vehicle research projects. An example of an abridged safety case produced for the benefit of the general public recruited to participate in a trial can be seen here.

The second publication is the updated and more complete Framework developed collaboratively by the stakeholders involved in the UK CAM Testbeds, orchestrated by Zenzic, and again written by TRL with Camilla Fowler as the lead author. The Framework applies a consistent and transparent methodology to the development of a safety case for a CAV trial. This standardisation of risk management is a key enabler of interoperability, meaning that testing organisations can develop a safety case that is recognised by all testbeds. More information about this Framework will follow.

The full release from BSI is here.


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