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test by pavan1

test by pavan1

31 May 2020

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COVID-19: What have we learnt?

A personal reflection by Paul Campion, CEO of TRL, about the lessons we have lea...

13 May 2020

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COVID-19 and the need for 'pop-up' walking and cycling facilities

Anusha Rajasooriya explores the opportunity provided by Covid-19 restrictions to...

27 April 2020

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What has speed got to do with it?

When Covid-19 hit the Isle of Man in March 2020, they responded by implementing ...

20 April 2020

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What has the Covid-19 situation done to motorway traffic?

TRL statisticians analysed data from motorways for the last month tracking the d...

07 April 2020

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PAS 1881 and CAM TestbedUK Safety Case Framework launch

BSI publishes PAS 1881 - Assuring safety of automated vehicle trials and testing...

03 March 2020

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Electronic Stability Control would prevent 190,000 deaths in G20 countries

A new report for Bloomberg Philanthropies says that Argentina, Brazil, China, In...

10 January 2020

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TRL wins Prince Michael International Road Safety Award 2019 for GSR

Prince Michael International Road Safety Awards recognise the significant achiev...

09 December 2019

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Smart sensors to reduce head trauma

Event data recorders could reduce traumatic brain injury from car accidents

22 November 2019

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TRL teams up to #HackTheHighways with novel mixed-mode travel app

At Highways UK 2019 TRL fielded part of a multi-organisational team in the PA Co...

15 November 2019

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