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Using 3D GPR for pavement investigation at traffic speed

By Adam Cook, Asset Survey Data Manager at TRL

3D GPR technology represents a major paradigm shift in GPR for highway applications, gathering full carriageway width GPR data for Smart Motorway design. Other applications are also benefiting from the technology such as void and moisture assessment as well as bridge and tunnel deck assessment. 

Distracted driving : the new killer

By Dr Paul Jackson and Head of Behavioural Science, Dr Neale Kinnear

The evidence base for distracted driving has failed to keep up with technological developments and urgent research is required to assess the distracting effects of the latest Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs).  

Ridesharing: challenges to increasing uptake

By Kristen Fernández-Medina, Senior Psychologist and CAV Technical lead for TRL

The basic premise of ridesharing is threatened by an entrenched human preference to own a private vehicle for personal usage. To find a solution requires a greater understanding of where the challenges lie, particularly in terms of the complex inner workings of human decision-making. 

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From the Archives

Speed control and incident detection on the M25

January 2005 

A Controlled Motorways scheme was introduced on to the M25 in August 1995 from Junction 10 to Junction 16. This report presents an overview of the monitoring work undertaken by TRL for the Highways Agency between 1995 and 2002 describing the trends in traffic behaviour on this section. It also presents the results of a driver opinion survey, which provided a detailed understanding of how the Controlled Motorway was perceived by its users. The results of investigations into the effects of the variable speed limits on accidents, noise and air pollution are presented.